Better Teams

No, not “Kum Bah Yah.” In our world-class meeting space, leaders build their teams, using a full range of one-hour icebreakers to half-day innovation experiences to a series of team development workshops. “Culture eats strategy” [thanks, Peter Drucker!], so leaders use our Leadership Center as a catalyst for creating high-performance, low-drama work cultures. Choose from a broad range of tools to engage teams from 6-100+ people. One of our favorites is the home-grown Think With Your Hands workshop, powered by LEGO® Serious Play™ and developed by NALC Facilitator Jody Lentz.

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Better Meetings

Is your organization part of this statistic? 
$37 billion in lost productivity annually from bad meetings

Not on our watch! Use our professional facilitation to leverage your biggest investment in any meeting: the time of the key people you gather. By facilitating engaging workshops and meaningful experiences, we help teams and their organizations absorb the keys to powerful meetings and carry powerful insights back to the workplace. We create a positive, intentionally playful, high-energy meeting space where teams take the work (but not themselves) seriously—a taste of the secret sauce your teams will take home with them.

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Better Decisions

It’s more than good to great—what’s truly possible when the full intelligence and imagination of a team comes together into a coherent, fully supported plan? We create and hold a space for expansive thinking: from half-day idea-finding workshops to Discovery Days to a 3-day DesignShop® or a 90-day strategy-development engagement, our team can help your organization chart Point A to Point B. We support leaders and their teams to think, plan & act strategically.


Got a Wicked Problem?
We can help.

Bring all your key stakeholders together in our creative environment. Experience a collaborative process that will build an aligned and committed team that can accelerate an idea, implement a transformation, rebuild a city or navigate a difficult change in your marketplace. Our collaborative process helps organizations and communities solve wicked problems by combining the knowledge and creative thinking of all stakeholders to produce breakthrough results in an accelerated time period. This process has been utilized by leading institutions such as Harvard University, Center for Disease Control, NASA, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.