For collaborative leaders dealing with complex challenges like cultural conflicts, mergers and acquisitions and new product development, DesignShop® at the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center is the experience that aligns the creativity, expertise and passion of their teams to create effective solutions to complex challenges.

DesignShop® has been used by more than 55% of Fortune 100 companies to get results from large teams fast. Participants credit DesignShop® with saving hundreds of millions of dollars in one product development process and cutting the time needed to redesign a large insurance company organization in half.

The Nelson Andrews Leadership Center is uniquely suited to hosting the DesignShop experience. A place apart from everyday work and distractions, it’s a facility with the space and environment engineered to support the collaborative process. The natural beauty of the surroundings, which the architecture pulls into the collaborative space, inspires the participants and fuels their search for solutions.

DesignShops are conducted around the world for 

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Rapid Innovation and Ideation
  • Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Operational Improvement
  • Focused Organizational Transformation

Results of DesignShops are

  • Better, more creative ideas 
  • Alignment across stakeholder groups 
  • Accelerated implementation of key initiatives
  • Risks designed out
  • Learning about new ways of engaging in productive collaboration

The process was invented  and patented by the Leadership Center's Artist-in-Residence, Matt Taylor. 

Click here to visit the website for Future Ready Nashville, a Leadership Center DesignShop project.

DesignShops at the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center