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Nelson Andrews Leadership Center offers world class facilitation in collaborative design to help leaders unlock their organization's full potential. Through intense multi-day collaborative design sessions, leaders unlock the collective intelligence in their organization to create best solutions, drive collaborative culture, and identify approaches that optimize the collective intent of the whole.

Through this design process, participants enthusiastically align with their leaders, embrace shared vision, and accelerate solution discovery and delivery.


Harry R. Jacobson, M.D., Co-founder & Partner of TriStar Health Partners & NALC Board President

Every individual in this room already possesses the answer. The purpose of this intensive interaction is to stimulate one, several, or all of us to remember and extract what we already know.
— Matt and Gail Taylor, DesignShop Founders
The NALC collaborative process is truly revolutionary and transformative. It’s an opportunity to leave the world behind and think creatively, expansively, about how to create the world we want to live in.
— MARCUS WHITNEY, President & Co-Founder of Briovation
The DesignShop collaborative process is like the Woodstock of brainstorming.