Think With Your Hands with Jody Lentz


On April 5th, forty people came out to play seriously at the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center for the Think With Your Hands: an interactive workshop for teams powered by LEGO® Serious Play™. Participants walked away with new insights on innovation, new ideas about working together as a team, some cool legos, and a few new friends!

This was a brilliant workshop - thank you! I got to play with some truly creative and inspiring people. One powerful takeaway? When your brain is stuck, get your hands moving! - Rachel Michaud, Studio Mozaiko

A lifelong facilitator, Jody Lentz, has a passion to create high-performance, low-drama work environments. His focus is on supporting organizations to create and maintain better teams, better meetings, and better decisions touch strategy, culture, leadership, and innovation. Also, he worked for LEGO and lost on Jeopardy!

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